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FedBiz Gov -Business Opportunities Earnings Claims

November 9, 2013

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FedBiz.Gov – The Fed Trade Commission is considering a new proposed rule, that would require Fed Biz  gov and business opportunities to substantiate earning claim that they may to potential buyers if the buyer requests them. Such earnings claims proof would hopefully eliminate much of the fraud that goes on in the biz opportunity sectors. FedBiz.Gov

 here Below  is a text of the Fed Trade Commission’s proposed rule on substantiate earnings claims to prospective consumers to ask for them :

Proposed section 437.5(f): Written substantiation for earnings claims “Proposed section 437.5(f) would prohibit a seller who makes an earnings claim from failing to provide written substantiation to prospective purchasers and to the Commission upon request. Rather than mandating that business opportunity sellers include documentation for earnings claims – which could be voluminous – in the earnings claim statement itself, section 437.5(f) would reduce compliance costs by requiring only that such materials be provided to potential purchasers and to the Commission upon request. Purchasers could then review the documentation if they so choose.” Fed Biz Gov

Federal Contract You Need To Know

FedBiz Gov – Almost all Biz Opps Gov practitioners are indeed honest, however many of them simply make up huge numbers that the buyer may potentially make if they buy the business opportunity. For example; “Make $10,000 per month stuffing envelopes part-time in your own home, while working in your underwear and watching TV.” You may think this sounds funny and indeed it is.

FedBiz Govhowever now the business opportunity practitioners would have to come up with names and proof that people were actually making that kind of money after they had bought their business opportunity -
Fed Biz Gov

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Logo Flash Drives – Helping Close Your Business Deals

November 22, 2011

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Business Deals – The business world is a vast arena where stiff competition against business competitors happens. It is also a venue where the struggle to get the most clients take place. To get as much customers, companies place large investments on promotions just to make their business as popular and as marketable as possible.

Promotions come in different forms but one of the oldest ways of promoting business and its products is by giving out promotional items. Giving out promotional items such as Logo Flash Drives is an accepted and widely used strategy that enlivens the business world to the advantage of its consumers.

How to Close Business Deals

There are many ways to close a business deal with an important client. But let’s face it, achieving your targets is not an easy task. You need to do a lot of strategies to impress your clients and to convince them that your business is way better than the rest. To achieve that, you can do the following tips:

  • Be presentable. Your sales and business deals do not just rely on the gifts involving Logo Flash Drives that you would provide no matter how functional they are. The success of your business deal banks also on how you present yourself to your target client. Before meeting your target client, make sure that your shoes are clean and your clothes are presentable enough. Remember that you are representing your company and how you carry yourself will largely affect your client’s decision to patronise your product or not.
  • Appear on time. The last thing you want to do is to keep your client waiting before a business meeting. So appear on time and be the first to be on your agreed venue.
  • Get right down to business. Do not waste your client’s time by talking about the weather. After a few pleasantries, get right down to business and discuss what your product is all about. After your business discussion, hand out your Logo Flash Drives that has a print of your company or product logo. You can discuss some basic information about your Logo Flash Drives and how they can be useful to your client. You can even save the minutes of your meeting inside the drive.
  • Have the right business manners. Before you end the business meeting, be sure to express gratitude for the time and do not forget to have firm handshake as a basic formal business gesture.

Government Procurement info

Matthew Zande is an advertising and marketing expert. He is widely knowledgeable about promotional products, corporate gifts, and the like for which people have the need or want to possess.

FedBiz.Gov – There are so many Biz products that fill the gap between “wanting” and “needing,” and people should be aware of the many choices they have when it comes to merchandising items. Finding the right product for the right interest is the key to the world of merchandising, and his articles help shed some much-needed light on what products work for what people.FedBiz.Gov


FedBizOpps.Gov – Become a Government Contractor

October 11, 2011

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FedBizOpps.Gov – The federal government does not pass-out grants for debt reduction or family bail-outs, but it does award literally billions of dollars in contracts every year. And the federal government remains by far the nation’s largest employer. You can run your own business, prospering by becoming a government contractor.FedBizOpps.Gov

FedBiz.Gov – If you have been laid-off, furloughed, or downsized out of a well-paid managerial position in corporate America, take a very long analytic and strategic look at America’s largest businesses and contractors, searching for a place where you might start a business almost guaranteed to thrive. Keep in mind that, in addition to being one of the world’s largest employers and one of the nation’s leading venture capitalists, the government stands out as by far the nation’s largest consumer. A host of successful entrepreneurs very strongly believe that, in the United States, the best way to start a successful business is to become a government contractor. If it works for Boeing and Lockheed, it ought to work for you.FedBizOpps.Gov

FedBiz.Gov – Follow the logical series of steps–one, two, three. First, search the one-stop headquarters for government contractors-Federal Business Opportunities on the internet, or “” There, you will learn how quickly and easily you can register as a government contractor, and you will discover how, during the registration process, you may earn some preference in the bidding process: If you are a veteran of the armed forces, or if yours is a minority- or woman-owned business, you earn a privileged place in line. Second, secure a business license in your city or county, paying a small fee. Then, return to the internet and start bidding on contract opportunities. Build your business with regular and relentless bidding.FedBizOpps.Gov

Government as Business Client?

FedBiz.Gov – Develop your specialty or niche market in sync with the government’s needs. Think of the Economic Recovery Act of 2009, also known as “the stimulus package” as “the mother lode of contracting opportunities.” Right now, you will see the effects of the economic stimulus in action:Even a cursory look at the listings will reveal the number of contracts up for bid among environmental contractors-alsoknown as “landscapers”; that same glance will highlight how many projects are available for minority-owned general contracting businesses. FedBiz.Gov

One contractor wisely observed, “A smart African-American or Latino contractor could keep his employees busy for the rest of their lives when he won just one of these contracts. And how far would that one contract go toward reducing several families’ debts?”

With a little imagination and innovation, you could develop your own economic stimulus by becoming a federal government contractor. FedBizOpps.Gov

FedBizOpps.Gov – I have done a bit of research for you. These Government Grant Experts can help you get the grants you deserve by helping you get out of debt fast. You can find out if you qualify for a Government Grant for free!FedBiz.GovClick here to fill out a short form to save your finances and get out of debt as early as this week! FedBizOpps.Gov